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A lasting, sustainable development is dependent to sound democratic governance and democracy. Free and fair elections, accountable government, public participation and informed citizenry are all significant components of a development. A diplomatic societ... read more

Destructive Conflict in any community deters any development to take place. Kenya has experienced community Conflict which is fueled by poverty, ethnic conflict and unequal distribution of natural resources. In the north rift region major conflict has bee... read more

Gender equality is a human right, with every woman and girl unconstrained to live in dignity . In many communities in Kenya, majority of women and girls are illiterate which has discrimination  them from getting  and employment opportunities  Customari... read more

Economic growth is a fundamental requirement for the development of a country. Economic empowerment or Livelihood programmes are to seek directly help people to raise their incomes and standards of living through introducing linkages development, providin... read more

Global climate change, desertification, deteriorating soil quality, food security and loss of biodiversity are among the most environmental threats to the world at present as a result of human activities. This is why conserving natural resources is an ess... read more