Global climate change, desertification, deteriorating soil quality, food security and loss of biodiversity are among the most environmental threats to the world at present as a result of human activities. This is why conserving natural resources is an essential requirement for sustainable development and improving the quality of human life.

Capacity building in environmental, health and sanitation is necessary for our communities because of inherent poor sanitation, poor environmental management and associated problems. Adequate knowledge environment, health and sanitation are wanting to enable community to address unstable environment and sanitation. Our strategy will be geared towards in creating awareness on how to limit human induced cause to degraded environment and poor sanitation & health through sharing knowledge, strengthen skills in adaptation and mitigation. This will enhance strategies to embed environmental protection and good sanitation in the society.

The goal of the programme is to provide community with principles and concepts to understand, identify and analyze environmental problems both natural and man-made, and also to evaluate the risks associated with these problems.