A lasting, sustainable development is dependent to sound democratic governance and democracy. Free and fair elections, accountable government, public participation and informed citizenry are all significant components of a development. A diplomatic society is based on effective state institutions where democratic procedures strengthen voice and accountability. This will provide opportunities for all citizens to express their demands, hold elected officials to account for their actions and equal access to state services.

Kenya environmenatalists match during the Trans-African Caravan of Hope flag-off in Nairobi, November 13, 2011. Pan African Caravan of Hope reached Kenya-Uganda border now on it way to Dar Es Salaam capital of TanzaniaTo strengthen democracy and governance, CIFODE seeks to advance effective democratic values of transparency, representation, accountability, citizen participation and understanding of the constitution especially devolution. This will be done by building the capacity of professionals and citizens in order to increase public confidence and participation in government institutions.