Gender equality is a human right, with every woman and girl unconstrained to live in dignity . In many communities in Kenya, majority of women and girls are illiterate which has discrimination  them from getting  and employment opportunities  Customaries laws have also restricted  and limited their ownership of property and land limiting their access to finances. With the obstacles set in the community for women has limited their progress and enjoyment of sustainable development.

Kenya 2011 Constitution has given women opportunities that have advanced their enjoyment of human rights. For instance the constitution has given the women the right to own land and property in the community. The two third rule in leadership appointment has also created a platform for women to participate in decision making process and development issues in leadership positions.

According to the Women’s Bill of Rights declares that all countries should: Act to eliminate violations of women’s rights, whether by private persons, groups or organizations, Endeavour to modify social and cultural patterns of conduct that stereotype either gender or put women in an inferior position, Ensure that women have equal rights in education and equal access to information, Eliminate discrimination against women in their access to health care and End discrimination against women in all matters relating to marriage and family relations. Much need to be done to sensitize the communities on these rights to make it a reality. Thus CIFODE, through it programme will seek to bridge the knowledge gap within the society.