Destructive Conflict in any community deters any development to take place. Kenya has experienced community Conflict which is fueled by poverty, ethnic conflict and unequal distribution of natural resources. In the north rift region major conflict has been caused by cattle rustling, water competition, poverty and unequal distribution of resources. This has caused disorder in the societies affected and generally unable to undertake their daily activities.

Evaluating technologies with farmers at a climate change adaptation learning centre in ZimbabweThe programme will aim at undertaking proactive steps to prevent and reduce conflict through locally owned, effective and sustainable solutions. Conflict prevention and resolution will be given priority on coming up with local solution from the communities to ensure sustainable peace and resiliency of the community.

CIFODE will capacity builds the community on early-warning system to dictate any conflict that might arise and how to manage conflict if it happens and on conflict resolution skills and encourage young people to emphasize positive inter-ethnic relations. The programs will seek to build the skills for a culture of peace and respect for ethnic diversity